Seven Chakra Headband

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Materials: Rainbow Colored Healing Crystals, Artistic Gold and Copper Wire

This handmade Chakra Headband is approx. 1.5 inches high by 18 inches along the band. It’s decorated with 7 different colored healing crystals wrapped in artistic gold and copper wire.

Chakras are circular (or flower petal shaped) vortexes of energy lying across seven different points on our spinal column. The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. They called the centers of energy that move inside of us to heal us body, soul, and mind.

It is handmade to order and sent in a complementary package. Custom design can be made on request.

I can make you one exactly like this or however you’d like. Just send me a message by clicking the button below and let me know what you have in mind for your custom design 🙂 I look forward to working together with you to create a wonderful piece for your special occasion.

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If item is made to order, please be aware that at very busy times, it can take 1-2 weeks before your item is shipped. I will keep you updated and let you know when to expect your delivery.

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